Consultancy Services

International Mining and Quarrying Consultant

Nick Eastwood

A Graduate from the Camborne School of Mines and a registered Chartered Engineer, Nick has worked in the mining sector for over 43 years and over 20 years within the cement and building materials industry. Prior to becoming an Independent Consultant, Nick had a broad range of experiences, including; Board Directorship, Operational Management, Mentoring and equally enjoys working with the hands on technicians and operators.

Nick has a vast experience within different sectors of leading due diligence assignments and assessing new acquisitions. Most importantly, he has the capability and experience of assessing mine reserves for extraction business worldwide.

Nick has provided realistic and reliable specialist support on raw materials for many major cement plant projects. He has the ability to challenge assumptions when necessary in order to achieve successful projects. In addition he has a great experience of assisting clients improve business performance by offering solutions often not considered. Recent clients and projects include - Atkins Global Ltd, EBRD, Dangote Cement and Hunter Personnel Contracts Ltd.

Having worked in over 25 different countries both underground and in surface operations, Nick can bring a wealth of Technical and Cultural knowledge to prospective clients. Nick has also worked on establishing new quarries and designed aggregate processing plants for both hard rock and gravel sites. Experienced drilling and blasting advisor in quarry operations.

Nick is a registered associate with several consultancy groups, including Cement Performance International, Independent Cement Consultants, Jamcem and McLellan Partners.

• Advising senior management and cement plant owners/investors
• Underground Copper Mining
• Cement plant operation and cement plant best practice worldwide
• Aggregate plant operations
• Mobile plant resourcing
• Expert witness
• Due diligence
• Cement plant feasibility studies, audits and evaluations
• Planning and design of major projects
• Interviewing and selecting senior managers and technicians
• Tender Evaluation
• Training and mentoring Engineers
• International Mining Recruitment


• Camborne School of Mines, Cornwall – ACSM
• Chartered Engineer (Since 1986)
• Holder of UK Blasting Licence
• Zambian U/G Blasting Licence
• IOSH Certificate for ‘Managing the Environment’
• IOSH Certificate for ‘Managing Safety’
• Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
• Fellow of the Institute of Quarrying


• Mining Specialist
• Crusher Specialist
• Quarry Specialist
• Drilling/Blasting specialist
• Raw Material Evaluation specialist
• Aggregate Crushing and Processing specialist
• Cement plant design and sizing of equipment (Raw Materials section)
• Capital and operating cost estimations of Raw Materials for major and minor cement plant projects
• Environmental aspects of cement plant projects
• Best Available Technology Analysis
• Technical Investigations


Blackstone, CMI, McLellan, Atkins Global Ltd, EBRD, Dangote Cement, Hunter Personnel Contracts Ltd, Cement Performance International, Independent Cement Consultants.